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Symptoms of Skin Cancer During The Advanced Stage

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preuzmi 20 Symptoms of Skin Cancer During The Advanced Stage

Symptoms of Skin Cancer During The Advanced Stage

During the advanced stage of skin cancer, the cancer has already affected the melanocytes or the cells that make up pigments, basal cells or those responsible in the makeup of the outer layer and the squamous cells or the cells that are responsible for the skin surface. During this severe condition, the symptoms of skin cancer are also considered to be aggravated or serious.

Skin change – A person suffering from advanced skin cancer will notice the affected skin to be thicker as compare to other body parts. This is actually one of the serious symptoms of skin cancer.

Bleeding – Aside from the change in the skin’s appearance, one of the common symptoms of skin cancer is bleeding. This may come from a lesion or mole that is associated to the cancer.

Weight loss – The patient may also experience drastic loss of weight as part of the symptoms of skin cancer. This happens because the cancer cells are using more calories than the healthy cells.

Swelling – In addition to the common symptoms of skin cancer, a swollen lymph node can also be another sign. This swollen lymph node can show at the underarm or at the groin.

Pain – Due to lesions and unusual moles in the skin, the patient can experience discomfort and pain for severe cases of skin cancer. However, pain doesn’t automatically lead to bleeding.

Severe cases of skin cancer can really be painful and uncomfortable. In order to avoid developing the signs and symptoms, it is advised to have a regular visit to a dermatologist.

preuzmi 21 Symptoms of Skin Cancer During The Advanced Stage
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symptoms of skin cancer during the advanced stage
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